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Province of the Sacred Heart
Saint Anthony Bread
General Needs - St. Anthony Bread
Sacred Heart Province relies on stipends and salaries earned by the friars in their various ministries and jobs. However, as the number of retired friars increases, that source of income is declining in proportion. The Province has some investments, but the market has been too volatile to be a reliable source of income. When St. Francis was still alive, he instructed his brothers that, if their hard work did not provide enough for their daily needs, they were to resort to “the Lord’s table,” that is, begging. Like so many other religious orders, the Franciscans rely on the generosity of others for their basic needs and the ongoing support of their ministries.

Your unrestricted contribution to St. Anthony Bread will help the Franciscans of Sacred Heart Province meet essential financial obligations that cannot be fully covered through the friars’ income from salaries and stipends.