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Saint Anthony Bread
January 2015
"I wonder what would happen if God would appear at the gates of heaven in the guise of the person we wouldn’t associate with while we were on earth and would welcome us to heaven in the language we especially hated to hear when we were here."
February 2015
March 2015
Letters from Fr. Bill Spencer, OFM
"Someone from at least eight cars away from where I was parked started shouting at me. “Jesus is the sole mediator between God and man.” “You are destined for eternal hellfire unless you accept him as your personal Savior.”  You’ve possibly had similar experiences, so you know how the monologue goes."
Street Preaching
I would hope that this month can become a “Personal History Month” in at least some small way for each of us.  Please, make some time to look at a “photograph or two.” Identify in writing the people who are in the picture and what’s happening.  Share that memory with someone else.  Read a letter written by someone who loved you and be grateful for the blessing of their presence in your life. 
A family tree
April 2015
Fr. James Lyke, O.F.M. first served as an Auxiliary Bishop in the Diocese of Cleveland, Ohio and was later appointed Archbishop of Atlanta... ..Archbishop Lyke certainly had a fruitful ministry, and God obviously decided it was long enough.  Those of us who knew him wish he had lived many more years.  Cancer claimed his life at 52.
Archbishop Lyke
May 2015
June 2015
We’ll listen to what God has to say to us about the future God has in mind for us. That will happen in the quiet of our personal prayer and in the praise, petition and preaching of our liturgical prayer. We have an audience with the Holy Father, Pope Francis, toward the end of May, and we’re sure that he will have something to say to us.
Pope Francis & Fr. Mike Perry, O.F.M.
There are worse things one could be called or considered in the South of my childhood, but “Yankee” was about as bad as it got. “Catholic” was another characteristic of concern. A great-great-great-great aunt of mine mentioned in a letter which she wrote that “there could be no greater shame on our family than having a Catholic in it.” 
Southern Region
"My Franciscan brothers and I, along with the people we serve, hope and pray that you will continue to be that blessing for all of us. We appreciate your continued support, and we need it. Thank you."
July 2015
I certainly studied the Declaration of Independence in elementary school and High School, but I never had a teacher who required that I memorize it. I can only quote its first words, “When in the course of human events” and, more importantly, its last words, “We pledge our Lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor.” Historians can discuss and decide whether the fate of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence was as bad as it is often said. That their action could have cost them their “Lives” and their “Fortunes” and both reflected and required their “Sacred Honor” is beyond question, however.
God Bless these United States!
August 2015
September 2015
I’m not aware of anyone who is making the claim that this encyclical is an expression of the Pope’s infallible teaching authority, but I’d like to think that all of us would agree that the words of a Pope are worthy of serious and prayerful consideration.
Pope Francis
As you may know, the town of Assisi sits on a hillside. As you probably also know, one of the ways in which St. Francis spent his days after his time as a prisoner of war in Perugia was rebuilding churches. The little chapels blessed by his loving labor are located in the valley at the foot of Mount Subasio. Santa Maria degli Angeli is the Italian name of one of those churches. 
Santa Maria degli Angeli
October 2015
These monthly letters may be the only opportunity which many of our donors have for a conversation with a Franciscan. The only friars that some of the people who hear from me each month have ever “met” are St. Francis of Assisi and St. Anthony of Padua (Lisbon if your heritage is Portuguese).
November 2015
December 2015
Fonte Columbo in Italy is the site of an important Franciscan shrine.  Tradition believes that it is where St. Francis of Assisi was inspired to write the “Rule” which expressed his expectations for our “way of life.”  There’s a niche in one wall there with three skulls in it.
“Merry Christmas” is the greeting that we typically used at this time of year for a lot of our lives; but those familiar sentiments are heard less frequently these days. Even when it’s clear that the “season” or the “holiday” someone is celebrating is the Feast of Christmas, we can easily wish them “Seasons Greetings” or “Happy Holidays.” Everyone else seems to be saying it, and “suddenly” so are we.
Fr. Bill Spencer, OFM
A letter for you!
Fonte Columbo
Merry Christmas!
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