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Province of the Sacred Heart
Saint Anthony Bread
January 2017
"Added to this list are the feasts of some saints important to the US: Elizabeth Ann Seton (1/4) and St. John Neumann (1/5) both of whom were instrumental in developing the Catholic school system that has played such an important role in many of our lives. The Franciscans celebrate the memory of the first martyrs of the Order, St. Berard and his companions, on January 16th."
Saint Berard & Companions
February 2017
March 2017
Letters from Fr. John Eaton, OFM
"On February 11, the Catholic Church will celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, commemorating the appearances in 1858 of Our Lady to Bernadette Soubirous. Because of the healings that have taken place at Lourdes over the years, the Church also marks February 11 as World Day of the Sick."
Our Lady of Lourdes
​"The month of March brings us the Church’s celebration of St. Patrick. Whether you are Irish or not, it is a remarkable story. As a youngster, Patrick was kidnapped and taken to Ireland as a slave. Though he eventually escaped, he would later return to Ireland as a missionary preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ."
Saint Patrick
April 2017 by Fr. Bill Spencer
"Everyone counts! Everyone we meet is an opportunity to encounter Jesus. Wouldn’t the world be an even more wonderful place if we could convince ourselves and everyone else of those truths? “Alleluia” would not only be on our lips as we pray at Easter time, but in our hearts as we live all year long. Please, pray with my Franciscan brothers and me that we all learn those lessons well."

Easter Letter
"The message of St. Francis is a message of respect for all human life, and indeed, all of creation. Though the friars of Sacred Heart Province make no claim that we follow Francis perfectly, we are committed to helping people know that they are cherished by God and valued by us."
Fr. John Eaton, OFM
Provincial Vicar
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May 2017
June 2017
"You may be aware that there are several branches of the First Order of Franciscans. There are the Capuchins, the Conventuals, and the Order of Friars Minor (OFM)—each with a slightly different understanding of how to live out the Franciscan charism in today’s world. In the United States, there are seven OFM provinces, including our Province of the Sacred Heart."
Please pray for vocations
"The future St. Anthony was born Fernando Martin in Lisbon, Portugal. While still a teenager, he entered the community of the Canons Regular. After his ordination, he was placed in charge of hospitality at the abbey of Santa Cruz in Coimbra."
Saint Anthony
July 2017
"I would like to update you and our other donors on the progress of our Year of Mercy project to dig wells in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through the generosity of many donors, we have collected over $90,000. The first well, in the village of Mulenga, was completed in early 2017."
Fr. Damien Isabell
August 2017
September 2017
"The feast of St. Clare is celebrated on August 11—except in her home city of Assisi. When I was on pilgrimage in 1995, we were told that August 11 is also the feast of St. Ruffino, the patron of Assisi. Clare gets celebrated the next day. You might not know that St. Clare (“Chiara” in Italian) is the patron saint of television."
Saint Clare
"As the bodies of the five protomartyrs were being returned to Italy, they were taken into Portugal where a young man, inspired by their example, decided to join the Franciscan Order. That young man would come to be known as St. Anthony of Padua."

Franciscan Martyrs
October 2017
"Briefly, the town of Gubbio was being plagued by a ferocious wolf which endangered their flocks and their children. When Francis heard of their plight, he decided to intercede for them by talking directly to the wolf. Francis managed to broker a peace between the wolf and the townspeople: if they would agree to daily feed the wolf and his family, the wolf would agree to never attack the sheep or the people again. (The Little Flowers of St. Francis, Chapter 21)."
St. Francis & the wolf
November 2017
December 2017 
by Fr. Tom Nairn, OFM - Provincial
"Back in 1963, Fr. Phil Marquard, OFM, started a small program to help released prisoners transition back into society. From that humble beginning, Franciscan Outreach in Chicago was born. Through the years, Franciscan Outreach has provided food, shelter, support, and other services to thousands of homeless people."
Franciscan Outreach
"Many nativity sets today have become so elegant that it is easy for us to forget the poverty of the infant Jesus. We Franciscans, however, continue to see the poor infant Jesus in the faces of so many whom we serve, whether they live along the Yukon River in Alaska, in the rural South, or are homeless on the streets of Chicago."
Merry Christmas