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Planned Giving with the Franciscans
Outright Gifts of cash, securities, real estate or other assets may be made to the Franciscans.   These gifts can be directed to some particular program or designated for unrestricted use.  There are benefits to both donor and recipient.  Outright gifts are among the simplest, most immediate ways to exercise good stewardship.  Moreover, lifetime gifts are usually preferable, from a tax standpoint, to gifts made by a will.  Not only are lifetime gifts removed from the donor's estate, but the donor, in effect, gets part of the gift back through an income tax deduction.  Appreciated property can be a particularly attractive gift.  It is deductible at it's full fair market value at the date of the gift, and the donor does not have to realize or report the capital gain.  (In rare cases gifts of appreciated property may cause some alternative minimum tax liability.)  We recommend that you seek advice from an accountant or legal expert on such matters, as laws do change and you should always have someone representing your best interests in these matters.
Everyone, regardless of age background or financial condition, should have a Will.  Without one, even your spouse, children or other loved ones may not receive the bequests you intended from them, depending on State laws.  In addition, without a will, the State appoints the guardian(s) for under age children and determines the years of guardianship:  unless the law has changed - in Missouri the age is 21.  Certainly, charities such as the Franciscans receive nothing.  Having a will provides the satisfaction of knowing the fruits of your labors continue to serve others.  even when your time on earth is over.  If you do not have a will, you are encouraged to visit a lawyer and begin planning one.  The decision making provides a opportunity to renew your vision of good stewardship: the grateful and responsible use of the gifts you have received from God.

Our legal title for planned giving is:
"Franciscan Friars of the State of Missouri"
EIN: 43-0706399
"What shall I give to God for all God has given to me?"
Psalm 116:12
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Planned Giving
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