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Article on Our Well Project

by Fr. John Eaton, OFM on 04/30/17

Joe Kenny at the St. Louis Review recently published a follow-up article on our project to dig wells in the DRC.

Here is the link for the article:

Please pass this information and the link along to others who might be interested in what the Franciscans are doing.

Thanks!  And thanks to Joe Kenny and the wonderful folks at the Review.
Fr. John Eaton, OFM
Director, Franciscan Charities

2nd Well: Kienge, DRC

by Fr. John Eaton, OFM on 04/29/17

Friar Jean-Marie Mufeji has informed us that the second well has been completed in the village of Kienge, Democratic Republic of Congo. 


He writes:


Rev. Father John Eaton, it is through you that we want to reach the team of the Development Office of your Franciscan Province, so that you can relay our thanks to all our benefactors.


Indeed, your financial aid us allowed us to drill a well in our village of Kienge.  The well has produced many good fruits!  The potable water flows already in our village; it will reduce significantly the water-borne diseases that are endemic in our area and will considerably improve the painful life for our moms and young girls.


Our sincere thanks.


Friar Jean-Marie Mufeji, OFM



See the pictures at:



Kienge, DRC



To donate to this effort to bring clean drinking water to the people of Africa:


Year of Mercy Project

Franciscan Charities

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Or donate online at this site.

You can take the girl out of the country...

by Fr. John Eaton, OFM on 04/29/17

What sets the food pantry at St. Anthony Church in St. Louis apart from almost any other food pantry in the country?  Besides the usual offerings of food and clothing, the St. Anthony pantry also offers seedlings of tomato, pepper, and cucumber plants so families can grow their own vegetables at home.


Sr. Connie Probst, OSF, the director of the food pantry, hails from the Illinois farm country around Effingham.  She has turned to urban farming as a way to assist our neighbors.


Recently, Sr. Connie's father, Gene, was in town to help with the transplanting.  On April 27, students from St. Frances Cabrini School volunteered to assist with additional transplanting.


To assist the St. Francis Food Pantry, please send donations to:


Food Pantry

c/o Franciscan Charities

3140 Meramec St.

St. Louis, MO  63118-4399

Pictures from Mulenga, Democratic Republic of Congo

by Fr. John Eaton, OFM on 04/25/17

The Franciscans of Sacred Heart Province have been collecting funds to help dig wells in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Safe drinking water is not easily accessible, and water-borne diseases are rampant.  The first well was completed in the village of Mulenga.  Previously, the women and girls had to walk 3.7 miles to get water for their families.  Here are some pictures.